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---Consist of gear transmission, speed converter, digital display, PLC converter.

---In-feed/Loading section adopts stainless steel water trunk & high pressure spraying to make rubber automatically cleaned up.

---Washing & drying section can be lift up 400mm to clean & maintenance.

---2 pairs special-made bevel air knives to make large air dry & no haze left.

---The whole machine frame made of alluminum alloy.

---Widely use for connecting with solar, tempered, laminated and any other flat glass processing line.

>>>>Technique Parameter

Model: YGX-1600

Max. Glass Width: 1550mm

Min. Glass Size: 230x230mm

Thickness: 2~19mm

Speed: 0.7~4.5m/min

Power: 10kw

Dimension: 3800x1850x1020mm

Weight: 800kgs

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